When will the ice leave us on Mille Lacs Lake?

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Mille Lacs ice is still melting!

We have been having quite a few of the seasonal camping customers swing in with the anticipation that the water may be turned on by now. Unfortunately we did not warm as fast as the metro did, and we still have plenty of ice on the lake. Sitting next to the giant ice cube has kept the temps down on our shores and the frost in the ground. Sorry to disappoint you campers, but it will still be a while. There is good news though, we will have the shower house fired up on Friday. We will be around all weekend if you want to come on up and stay, so stop in and say hi!

When will the ice leave us on Mille Lacs Lake? Best guess will be around average… (April 21st) Maybe a hair sooner? Depends on how cool the cool down gets next week, but we will keep you posted!

The warming temps have made a welcome push for getting moving on the spring projects. We are here pretty much everyday now picking away at the projects.

We are anticipating another good walleye bite this year. As many of you know, we are at catch and release for walleye but that has not stopped many from booking this year. This winter, quite a few people enjoyed the hot walleye bite, and they would like to experience it again for open water. We still have 3 cabins left for the opener, so if you are dragging your feet, it’s time to give us a call!

We are also starting to see somewhat of an uptick in bookings from the smallmouth bass enthusiasts. It will be a welcome sight to see all of the new faces that are wanting to try out our awesome fishery! Mille Lacs still is the “go to ” lake for a fish of a lifetime opportunity. The odds are in your favor!

Stay tuned for further developments on the official ice off and if one of our shores got pummeled by an ice tsunami! Lets hope not….

We hope to see you soon!

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